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Motorcycle Riding: Start them Young

In all things, obviously, kids are our future.  For us and our industry, kids are the future of motorcycling.  Not only are we ensuring the future of motorcycling as a sport, like we did as kids, but as an industry and business.  Motorcycling is good, clean fun, and we would love to see it grow with the future generations!

How can we make kids the future of motorcycling?  Simple.  Get them out there and riding.  If they’re old enough to get them in the passenger seat, do it.  If they’re old enough to have their own dirtbike, do it.

How old is old enough to start riding with you?  Age isn’t really the true definer in this...size and strength really is.  If your kid can hold on securely and put their feet on the footpegs, they’re good to go.  If your kids arm length isn’t long enough to wrap around your waist or you don’t have kid-friendly grips, have them grip onto your belt or belt loops.

Here are some more tips on how to ride safely with your children:

Check State Laws

First and foremost, check all of the state and local laws and guidelines.  Some restrict that age of your child passenger.  If you can’t find this information online, call the local DMV.

Never carry a child in front.

It is illegal to carry a child on the front of a motorcycle.  Not only does it interfere with how you operate your motorcycle, but your child can easily fall off.

Buy your child a proper helmet.

While we understand that every state has different helmet laws, we believe it’s only right now ensure that your child is wearing a helmet.  The helmet should fit snug, be full coverage, and have a chin-bar.  If the helmet doesn’t come with an entire face shield, consider some goggles to protect your child's eyes.

Teach them Safety

It is essential that the child is obedient to the basic safety rules of riding on a motorcycle.  Teaching them the basic rules and the importance of obeying them will not just benefit them now, but later on in their riding life.  Give them positive feedback when they’ve ridden with you well, take photos of them, and encourage them to have fun.  Scaring them now with excessive speeds or deep leaning angles might impair their love of bikes forever.

Have you ever ridden your motorcycle with your child?  What are some tips you might have for other parents that want to take their kids out with them?


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