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Sharing the Road: Riders and Drivers

There are over 400,000 registered motorcycles in the US.  With so many on the road, especially in the summer months, it’s essential that all drivers pay attention on the road.

What are some easy to guidelines when coming across a motorcycle on the road?

  1. Look left, right, and left again for riders on motorcycles.
  2. Err on the side of caution.  Assume that motorcycles are close than they look.
  3. Double check your blind spots.
  4. Go slow through intersections.
  5. Don’t expect motorcyclists to dodge out of the way easily.
  6. Allow a good distance between you and a motorcycle.

It’s easy to slip into lazy habits when one is on the road as often as we are.  Use your turn signals, give motorcyclists enough room to slow down without having to slam on their breaks, and old toss your trash into trash bins when you’re not driving.  It’s important, with so many distraction as we have, to simply focus on driving.

What are some easy guidelines for motorcyclists on the road?

  1. Always use your turning signals, and flash your brake lights when slowing down.
  2. Take the proper training and know your limits if you’re new to riding.
  3. Stick to the speed limits and don’t tailgate.
  4. Avoid weaving in and about of traffic or drive on the shoulder of the road.
  5. Keep yourself visible and wear protective clothing.
  6. Use both brakes at the same time.  Slow and steady.

As the spring approaches, make sure that you've got your motorcycle serviced and in the proper working conditions.  Assure that your tires have the appropriate amount of pressure in them, and your bike has been dyno tuned!


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